Coffee Subscription (Month-to-month)

Coffee Subscription (Month-to-month)

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Our subscriptions at Prototype work like a chef's menu. We choose three coffees, a Case Study a Pairing, and a Classic, to feature each month that we think deserve to be showcased, and we prepare them for you in the first week of each month. 

Our Case Study series features a rotating selection of our coffees each month to highlight coffees with flavour profiles that we think are particularly fresh, spectacular or offer something unique, and each month we pair it with a different coffee that contrasts or compliments its flavour profile. Really they're just the coffees we're most excited to share. This series will give you the chance to explore the wide variety of flavours the world of specialty coffee has to offer. Some coffees might be smooth and approachable and others might be surprising and exotic, but they'll all be delicious and super drinkable.

The Classic Series features a coffee that showcases a classic flavour profile that we think everyone will like. Coffees in this series tend to be chocolatey or nutty, relatively low in acidity, smooth, and super drinkable. Most of the time, these coffees will come from Central or South America, but occasionally you might see a super smooth coffee show up in this series from a different part of the world.

You can select how many bags of each coffee you’d like each month to make sure you’re stocked up for the month until the next one arrives. If you sign up for a monthly subscription, your 250g bag(s) of coffee will be sent to you at the beginning of each month (billed monthly with shipping included in the price).

At the moment, subscriptions are only available in Canada. Also, if you live in Vancouver and are wondering about alternate delivery or pick up options, you can contact us at