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Each month, we feature a coffee that we think is spectacular and showcases something unique and particularly worth sharing. Really it's the coffee we're most excited about this month. The Case Study Series is designed to make it easy to explore the wide variety of flavours available in specialty coffee. If you want to automatically receive this coffee every month, you can sign up for a subscription here.

Entre Robles, Honduras
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Case Study No. 22

Entre Robles, Honduras

One of my favourite things as a roaster is coming across a coffee like this one that showcases an exceptional complexity and a dynamic flavour that stands out among other coffees from its origin. This particular coffee is comprised of 100% Pacas, so it’s a chance to taste the purity of this single coffee variety. Pacas is a dwarf variety, resulting from a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety.

Nearly every coffee farm, even most smaller ones, grow more than one variety to defend against blights and pests that some varieties are more susceptible to and others less. More diversity means that if one variety is affected, it won’t affect the entire harvest. So a single variety lot like this one means that the grower took extra steps to keep separate the harvests from trees of different varieties. Harvesting like this takes careful planning and organization to produce a high quality single-variety lot.

This lot comes from a single farm in Ocotepeque, Honduras called Entre Robles (translated “Between Oaks”) owned by Renan Bajurto. Renan belongs to the Cocafelol cooperative in Honduras, which prioritizes coffee quality, sustainability, and organic farming practices. The co-op also provides support for its 300 members and helps them connect to quality-minded importers. As a result of Renan’s hard work, this coffee is certified organic and thanks to the efforts of Cocafelol and local BC importer Mountain Coffee, it’s also certified fair trade, ensuring that Renan was paid a fair price for this lot.

In the cup, this coffee has this vanilla sweetness with fruited notes of citrus and cherry with a lingering complex finish reminiscent of butterscotch. The overall effect is a little nutty, gently chocolatey, and super drinkable.

I hope you enjoy this coffee as much as I do.

Matt Johnson
Owner and Roaster
Prototype Coffee