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Case Study

Each month, we feature a coffee that we think is spectacular and showcases something unique and particularly worth sharing. Really it's the coffee we're most excited about this month. The Case Study Series is designed to make it easy to explore the wide variety of flavours available in specialty coffee. If you want to automatically receive this coffee every month, you can sign up for a subscription here.

Case Study No. 20

Korgua Red Cherry, Papua New Guinea

This coffee comes from a farm called Korgua Estate in the Tambul-Nebilyer district of Papua New Guinea owned and managed by second generation coffee farmer Brian Leahy. Brian also manages the local Kuta mill where coffees from the area are processed and prepared for export. Overseeing both operations gives Brian the ability to ensure quality of this lot from harvest to export, and it really shows in the cup. This coffee is also part of a program called the Red Cherry Project, where the importer Royal Coffee promises a crazy high premium prior to harvest in exchange for extra quality control to ensure only ripe cherries get picked at harvest. Additionally, after harvest, Red Cherry Project coffees get extra attention during the post-harvest sorting processes. This extra premium gives the producers the freedom to spend a bit more time on the coffee, and it ends up being good for everyone along the supply chain. The producers make a significantly better profit on the coffee, and the quality in the final product is significantly increased.

In the cup, this coffee is quite fruit-forward with a beautiful clean finish. I find notes of grapefruit, pineapple, and raspberry with a gentle fresh hint of green tea.

I hope you enjoy this coffee as much as I do.

Matt Johnson
Owner and Roaster
Prototype Coffee