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Case Study

Each month, we feature a coffee for a discounted price that we think is spectacular and showcases something unique and particularly worth sharing. Really it's the coffee we're most excited about this month. The Case Study Series is designed to make it easy to explore the wide variety of flavours available in specialty coffee. If you want to automatically receive this coffee every month, you can sign up for a subscription here.

Cyato, Rwanda
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Cyato, Rwanda
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Case Study No. 17

Cyato, Rwanda

This month’s featured coffee is so naturally sweet that every time I drink it I have to stop myself from launching an official investigation into who snuck a spoonful of sugar into my cup.  

In Rwanda, the majority of coffee is local subvarieties of Bourbon cultivars grown on small family farms. Cyato showcases the deep sweetness and flavour clarity that these carefully cultivated Bourbon varieites are known for. This particular lot comes to us from smallholder farmers tucked away in the western part of the Nyamasheke region of Rwanda, in and around the Forest of Nyungwe. Many of the farms are situated at altitudes above 6000 feet, which creates a climate that allows the coffee to ripen slowly, giving it ample time to develop lots of sweetness and complexity. 

At harvest, local farmers will bring their coffees to the nearest washing station to have them washed, sorted, and prepared for sale and export. This lot was processed at the Cyato washing station, which is a family business run by Leo Fidele and his family. They take great care to treat the coffee with respect and process it in a way that reflects the quality of the farmers’ work and the unique terroir of Nyamasheke. 

In the cup, Cyato is sweet and vibrant with delicate floral notes. To me, it tastes like melon, citrus, and white tea, but there’s lots to discover in this coffee. Its sweetness and balance makes it a coffee I keep coming back to and can’t quite get enough of.

I hope you enjoy this coffee as much as I do.

Matt Johnson
Owner and Roaster
Prototype Coffee