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Case Study

Each month, we feature a coffee for a discounted price that we think is spectacular and showcases something unique and particularly worth sharing. Really it's the coffee we're most excited about this month. The Case Study Series is designed to make it easy to explore the wide variety of flavours available in specialty coffee. If you want to automatically receive this coffee every month, you can sign up for a subscription here.

Candelaria, Guatemala
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Candelaria, Guatemala
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Case Study No. 15

Candelaria, Guatemala

Case Study No. 15 is a beautiful coffee called Candelaria from the municipality La Libertidad in the western part of Huehuetenango, less than 50 kilometers from the border of Mexico. It’s a collaborative lot, so three farms in the area contributed coffee at harvest to create this lot. Collaborating in this way can help the farmers increase their efficiency and profit margin by combining their individual smaller lots into a larger one that can be processed all at once in a shared facility. Making enough money as a coffee farmer in the market today is difficult, but collaborations like this and cooperative societies go a long way toward helping the farmers increase their profits enough to support their families and maintain their farms while also producing coffee that is high quality enough to earn extra quality premiums. With this case, the list of collaborators is quite short, so we get the chance to taste the specific terroir of the municipality of La Libertidad.

In the cup, this coffee is sweet and smooth yet complex. It is a super drinkable coffee with clear notes of caramel, vanilla, and soft ripe fruits with just enough thought-provoking juiciness to make you want to take another sip. It’s a super versatile and elegant coffee, and I love it.

I hope you enjoy this coffee as much as I do.

Matt Johnson
Owner and Roaster
Prototype Coffee